7 Common Remodeling Mistakes With Advice On How You Can Avoid Them…

When remodeling, it is important that you avoid making any mistakes that will only add to your expenses. Not only do mistakes cost you money but they also cost you time and push your completion date back which can be quite the headache. Below are 7 common renovation mistakes and how you can avoid them…

Failing to Obtain Necessary Permits

Not every renovation will require a permit but there are some that do. It is important that you do your research on zoning and permits before you begin your project. You might think that you won’t get caught and while this may be true, if you ever try to sell your home you could run into problems. Not only can this make selling more difficult but if you are able to sell and something happens to the new homeowners as a result of your work, they could sue you. We can help you navigate through which remodeling projects require permits and ensure that your project got all the necessary approvals before moving forward.

Second Guessing Your Decisions Mid-Project

Be sure to make your final decisions before you begin your project. Even the changes that seem simple and easy are yet another expense that can set your project back. To avoid this mistake, finalize what you want in your space prior to the start date of the project.

Trust Your Contractor

You probably have a vision of what you want for your home. However, when you hire a contractor it is important to remember that they are the expert. Always value their opinion and trust what they have to say about what can and cannot be done. There might be a time when things don’t how you anticipated, be respectful.

Budgeting Can Make or Break You

It is important to create a budget for your renovation. However, this budget needs to have some flexibility. If you haven’t tackled a home remodeling project in the past, you should consult with a contractor on what to expect. Regardless of the size of your budget, you should set aside at least 10% of your budget as a buffer in case anything unexpected problems occur.

Trying to Do Too Much on Your Own

Majority of people who begin renovation projects do not understand how big of a job that it can be. While many renovation tasks seem to be fun DIY projects, avoid trying to do too much alone. Many homeowners start their remodel only to discover that they lack the tools, skills, and time to get their renovation completed. If you are planning to do more than one space, you should consider only tackling one room at a time.

Hiring a Contractor Who isn’t Capable of Doing the Job

Do your research! Not every licensed contractor is capable of doing the job. Be sure that the contractor you hire is experienced in the exact renovation job you need done. Check to make sure your contractor is licensed, registered, and insured. Ask if he has worker’s compensation for his crew so that if an injury occurs, it does not fall back on your home owner’s insurance. Don’t hesitate to ask for referrals. The internet is your friend– research and look for reviews. The more you know about your contractor, the better.

Not Being Safe

Any home renovation project can become hazardous. From tool mishaps to ladders falling, walls caving in, electrical issues, and much more. Be sure that the crew working for you is equipped with proper safety gear and if feasible, consider staying somewhere else why the renovation project is being done.

A Few More Frequent Mistakes to Avoid…

  • Only focusing on the decor in the room you are renovating instead of trying to coordinate with the other rooms in your home.
  • Trying to cut corners when purchasing materials.
  • Accommodating current trends that end up being fads.

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