House Renovation Tips – Removing a Wall Will Make Your Kitchen Space More Functional…

Three is definitely a crowd in a small kitchen, especially when you’re trying to cook dinner for your family or host a dinner party. Your typical days feature kids running in and out, grabbing snacks and leaving a trail of lunch boxes and other accessories throughout the heart of your home – the kitchen. And lately, every time you walk through the kitchen, you dream of an open space that will give you more than just some elbow room. Your dream space features more counters, storage, and plenty of room for family and friends to gather without running into an open refrigerator door. So, now’s the time to turn your master chef kitchen dreams into reality. Often the best option to create a friendly functional kitchen space involves removing a wall between the kitchen and the dining or living area.

Benefits Of Opening a Wall in Your Kitchen

  • If you have young children, you can easily supervise them while making dinner with a kitchen that opens to the living area.
  • Entertaining is easier, when you can attend to cooking, serving, and bar-tending in a kitchen that is not separated from the rest of the living space.
  • Removing a wall can allow more natural light throughout your newly, expanded, great room.

Most Home Owners Will Need a Professional Remodeler 

While these are just some of the fabulous advantages, there are also a few things to consider before you grab that hammer and start the demolition.Is the wall you want to knock down a load bearing wall? If the wall is key to supporting the weight of your home’s structure above, then you’ll need to discuss this with your contractor. While a load bearing wall can be removed, a beam or other support structure will need to be put in its place. This can increase the cost and construction time of your renovation. So, it’s best to have an expert look at your plans in advance. You may also want to take into account why the wall was built in the first place? Does it add privacy to your space, or help with blocking sound coming from the other rooms? Do you have plumbing, electric, cable, or telephone wiring hidden within the wall you are planning to take down? If so you may want to have an electrician or HVAC technician evaluate your plans before you get started.

In the end, the updated kitchen will be a worthwhile investment for your family and entertaining needs. When making the decision to design a kitchen that opens into the living area, the pros of removing a wall will usually outweigh the cons. You’ll increase your home’s value with this popular floor plan, be more comfortable, and even from the kitchen, you won’t miss a minute of the party.

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